Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Egyptian House, Penzance – Our Honeymoon Home 2


mirk said...

Looking up I see... yes!

Spookely one of the sprogs is watching Muse at Glastonbury right now and one of the guitar riffs sounded like an Iron Maiden riff... two seconds later after I informed/educated them of that fact I clicked on here and these shots instabtly reminded me of the Powerslave album by Maiden.

keep looking skyward

Jacky Parp-Parp Pardon said...

Yes, we spent our home in the Powerslave artwork... You can tell the sprogs that if the go into WH Smiths and read the back of the NME Icons Muse special or whatever it is called, a certain conspiracy author can be found in the back.

mirk said...

Nevermind them I'll have a squint myself!